Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]


  • Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]
  • Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]

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Silver Award at NZ Chocolate Awards 2018.

Originally called the Two Tree bar with the ingredients stemming from only two trees. We thought we should change the name to be a little more self-explanatory, so here it is.

50% Cacao. 75g Bar.
Earthy and rich, with a lingering coconut creaminess that heightens the flavour of the Dominican Republic beans.

Chocolate details:
Dominican Republic Conacado Co-operative Trinitario cacao beans.
Indonesian organic coconut blossom sugar.


Wrapper artwork by the immensely talented Simon Morse.

All of our chocolate is Fairtrade, and made from organic ingredients where possible. 

Allergen Statement: May contain traces of dairy, oats, malt (from barley) & gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, or sesame seeds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kylie Harris

Our family is dairy free and cane sugar free due to allergies. So to find a milk chocolate is heavenly. We very much appreciate what you do as a business and will definitely be purchasing again

Sara Gatica
Coconut Milk Chocolate

Beautiful smooth texture with a delicate coconut palate and refined sugar free! My absolute favourite

Elizabeth Grace
Basically Never Buying Chocolate (from anyone else) again.

My mum gifted me a block of Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate for Christmas and a gift card so I could pick out a few blocks for myself. Coconut Chocolate has always been a much loved favorite of mine so that made it to the cart, just as the coffee and raspberry blocks did - which are both sensational! I must be honest and say the raspberry lasted no longer than the hour and only through my willing of not wanting this delicious Chocolaty experience to end too quickly, I managed to savor my way through the other blocks. Absolutely loved the taste, texture and tongue feel of the Coconut pieces as the chocolate melted away in my mouth. Large enough to offer that Coconut crunch whilst not being overpowering of the creamy Chocolaty goodness it was encased within. Sensational on every level.