Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]


  • Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]
  • Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]
  • Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar [75g]

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Category Winner at NZ Chocolate Awards 2020.

Gold Award at NZ Chocolate Awards 2020.
Silver Award at International Chocolate Awards (World Finals) 2018.
Bronze Award at International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific) 2018.

A fruity experiment that has since transformed into a magnificently popular offering. 

48% Cacao. 75g Bar.
Combining the highest quality cacao beans from the mountains of Peru with pure organic milk from the green pastures of New Zealand and wonderful freeze-dried raspberries from Fresh As for a deliciously smooth, wonderfully tart milk chocolate bar!

Chocolate details:
Peru Noradino Co-operative Criollo cacao beans. 
New Zealand Organic Dairy Hub milk.
Paraguay Manduvira Co-operative Turbinado cane sugar.
Fresh As Freeze Dried Raspberries.

Certified Organic.

Wrapper artwork by the immensely talented Jordan Debney.

All of our chocolate is Fairtrade, and made from organic ingredients where possible.

Allergen Statement: May contain traces of dairy, oats, malt (from barley) & gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, or sesame seeds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

The raspberry milk chocolate, was amazing. Great flavour. Not sickly sweet like cream filled chocolate - just Devine.

Heavenly combination of smooth chocolate & tart raspberries

Savour the smooth silky chocolate and be pleasantly surprised by the bursts of tart raspberries - a divine combination that's absolutely perfectly balanced. Just what the world needs - heavenly chocolate to allow you to escape to a world that's filled with pleasure :)

Lys Bradley
A fantastic raspberry taste.

For someone who loves very dark chocolate this raspberry milk chocolate bar ticked all the boxes with an intense raspberry taste and not too sweet.