Hibiscus & Blackberry Palliser Dark Chocolate Bar [75G]


  • Hibiscus & Blackberry Palliser Dark Chocolate Bar [75G]
  • Hibiscus & Blackberry Palliser Dark Chocolate Bar [75G]

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Keeping in the Pacific theme we used our Vanuatu chocolate as the base, this chocolate has bright acidity from Hibiscus Flowers; a fresh, floral, berry hit.

Ideal as a summer quaffing chocolate, perfect for the festive season paired with a glass of The Griffin!

Made with Larevat beans farmed on the northwest coast of Malekula Island in Vanuatu. 

70% Cacao. 75g Bar.

Chocolate details:
Larevat beans from the northwest coast of Malekula Island.
Paraguay Manduvira Co-operative Turbinado cane sugar.


Join us on the 2nd of December 

Everyone who purchases this Palliser bar leading up to the 28th of November will receive a link to join an online curated chocolate tasting session with Gabe (WCF Co-Founder) and Ben (from Palliser) at 7.30 pm on the 2nd of December.

They will take you on a flavour journey - discussing the vision behind the concept of the new bars, the origin of the beans, the art of how the chocolate was made, as well as how to 'snap, smell, savour' the different bars.

Customer Reviews

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Gail B
Mmm sweet and sour

I really love the Hibiscus & Blackberry Palliser Dark, it has an amazing balance of sweet and sour. A new favourite of mine. I'm hoping WCF change their mind and don't just have it as a limited release.

Stavroula Boutsis

Hibiscus & Blackberry Palliser Dark Chocolate Bar [75G]

Gold Standard.

Outstanding balance of flavours that melt in the mouth, no bitterness whatsoever,if you are hesitant about trying this, don't be. Would have to be one one the absolute best craft chocolate bars that we have ever tasted, and that's after 25years of sampling craft chocolate bars from around the world. Superb,and very addictive!